Baby sleep Songs and sleep support

Baby sleep Songs and sleep support

Going to sleep isn’t always simple business for babies and toddlers. While some nights your baby might drift off with ease, it’s also helpful to have a tool or two up your sleeve for when the reading, the singing and the rocking won’t work. 


Sigrid’s Dreamtime spray is a 100% safe and gentle spray that can be used on your baby’s bedding from a very young age. A couple of sprays on bassinet or cot sheets will help create a comfortable environment for your baby, helping them to relax with the beautiful scent of Lavender and natural plant oils.

When it’s been a long day, you may feel you need a little extra luxury too. A couple of sprays on your pillowcase could end up being just the thing a tired parent needs. Sleep saviour, sorted. 

We've even found a sweet lullaby youtube clip for you to play to your little one.


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