Certified Natural Kids Bubble Bath, with organic extracts

Certified Natural Kids Bubble Bath, with organic extracts

Sigrid's gentle, natural Bubble Bath for your precious little one. We have used the best natural ingredients possible, to ensure that your children are getting the ultimate care for their delicate skin. Hypoallergenic, no irritants, synthetics or harmful chemicals.

• With soothing Calendula, Chamomile & Rosehip oils
• Conditioning on the skin to keep kid’s bodies soft and supple
• A no tear formula

• With a beautiful 100% natural fragrance
• Nourishes and refines the surface of the skin and hair
• Pure botanical extracts
• Soothing on baby and kids skin
• 100% Natural and pure ingredients
• No harmful chemicals
• zero toxins & paraben free
• hypoallergenic
• pH Balanced
• gentle skin formula

• This product is gentle and safe enough for the whole family to use.


Put a few squirts into warm running water or mix with hands into a prepared bath to produce extra bubbles. Bath baby or child as usual. This is an all-natural Bubble Bath that does not bubble up like synthetic alternatives.


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