Certified Natural Baby Massage Oil, with organic extracts

Certified Natural Baby Massage Oil, with organic extracts

Our Massage Oil is lovingly handcrafted in New Zealand and helps to nourish young skin. It is a blend of natural oils designed to moisturise and protect young an undeveloped skin against infections and dryness. Hypoallergenic, no irritants, synthetics or harmful chemicals.

• 100% Natural and pure ingredients
• Nourishes and refines the surface of the skin
• Pure botanical and organic extracts
• Soothing on baby and kids skin
• Calming inducing ingredients
• With a beautiful 100% natural fragrance
• No harmful chemicals
• zero toxins & paraben free
• hypoallergenic
• gentle skin formula

• This product is gentle and safe enough for the whole family to use.


Add a few drops of the oil to the palm of your hand and gently massage into your babies skin. This is a relaxing and special moment between a mother or father and baby, so enjoy and take time to lavish your baby with love and the natural goodness of Sigrid’s Baby massage oil. 


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