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Eco Sustainable Alternatives

Megan Robinson - ThreadNZ
October 2014

"My cat. Never not getting involved in every photo opportunity. Luckily Sigrids eco naturals aren't tested on animals" "I'm really into eco-sustainable alternatives so I'm happy to come across  cleaning" 

"I'm really into eco-sustainable alternatives so I'm happy to come across cleaning products that are 100% biodegradable and allergy-free and NZ made. Around $8 at supermarkets."


Sigrid's to the Rescue

The Bubbalino Kitchen
October 2014

"👶My commando crawling baby has been tearing up the living room where we have 1/2 carpet and 1/2 wooden floors. He's been a bit spilly the past few days {perhaps from spending more time on his super full belly!? - did I mention this boy LOVES his food??} 😳. Anyway I received this new range of cleaning products a couple of weeks ago and have had the perfect chance to put them to the test on all his little carpet spills 👎. I am happy to report // THEY WORK!! 👍👍👍 What's more, they're fragrance free, safe to use around children and 100% biodegradable! Lovingly crafted in NZ! Also available is an oven cleaner + upholstery cleaner. #sigrids #plantbasedformulas #homecleaning #thebubbalinokitchen"


Fab New Kiwi Products

Fresh in the Kitchen

October 2014

"Get ready for the party season with eco-friendly Sigrid's'Home cleaning products. Natural, plant based, safe and no added irritants. Healthy home and healthy environment."


They Really Work!

The Best Nest

October 2014

"One of our dogs likes to be super awesome and pooh on our carpet a couple of times a week, just for kicks. We heard him cruising arouns on Sat night at 4 am. Sure enough 💩💩. God I'm over it. Anyway, I received this amaze range of specialty cleaners on Friday and they were still on my desk, one of them is a carpet cleaner! And it worked! Sigrid's range includes oven cleaner, carpet and upholstery cleaners and ALL are fragrance free and contain 100% biodegradable, natural plant based ingredients. Available from supermarkets for under $10. #gifted #natural #plantbased"


Looking good!

Oh Natural NZ

October 2014

"Wow - how great do these all natural cleaning products from NZ brand Sigrid's look!? Available at all good supermarkets and health stores nationwide!"


Natural Oven Cleaner

Little & Loved Blog
November 2014

"The last time I cleaned my oven I was in the early stages of labour with Max, true story! That was over five years ago and I'm still passing the chore onto Ben - who, like me, is certainly reluctant! Sigrid's have a range of speciality plant-based cleaning products, including a new oven cleaner, which should be popping up on supermarket shelves this month. So, I recently cleaned my oven... and while I didn't find it a pleasant experience, this cleanser doesn't get violently stuck in your throat like most oven cleaners! It is gentle, but effective. Aside from the lovely short list of ingredients in this cleaner, Sigrid's tick many boxes for me: the products are all made in New Zealand, they are not tested on animals and they are packaged into 100% recyclable bottles, they work (!) - and are extremely well priced. $8.49 from supermarkets or health food stores, or online here"


Sigrid's Stainless Steel
Bellyrubz Beauty
February 2015

"Chinese New Year approaching and we do a big clean up around the house to prepare for a brand new year. Using Sigrid's Stainless Steel Cleaner tonight"


Sigrid's Stainless Steel
Garden NZ
February 2015

 Simply dust down, apply and wipe… it’s as easy as that! And, to make life even easier...